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January 21 2015

Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft server

Minecraft servers allow players to experience online or via a local area network web-sites. They may be either run on a hosted server, on local server hardware, an online Private server over a home machine, or on your local gaming computer. The default totally free multiplayer software programs are available by Mojang for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix (e.g. BSD) and it is relatively simple to create.

While you can build your own server, sometimes renting a web server could be a better option if your Internet or computer can't handle the amount of players you would like about the server. You can look for hosts on the net, or locate them within the Minecraft Server Hosting section of the Minecraft Forums or similar websites. Avoid sites that do not have good reputation or look suspicious, these hosts may regularly be simply out searching for your money and may not supply the best service. Redstonehost is an excellent host which has been running a business for 4 years and supply premium hosting at value prices.They offer dedicated vps with mcmyadmin for affordable price. You will get cheap minecraft server hosting for bukkit, feed the beast, tekkit, tekkit lite,mumble etc with ssh & FTP access Minecraft server hosting

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